Below are some answers to the most common questions.

If you feel your question is not answered here, just drop us a line by filling in the contact form.

What platforms do you support?
We have currently implementations, and select SDKs for the following targets:

Mobile devices (phones and tablets)

  • Apple iOS 7.x and higher
  • Google Android API level 15 and higher
  • Windows Phone (on request)

Browser based playback

  • Adobe Flash 11.x and higher
  • HTML5 based player for desktop and mobile (recent versions)

Desktop based playback (high resolution, on request)

  • Native applications for Windows and OSX
  • Oculus VR
  • HTC Vive / SteamVR
  • Kinect and Leap Motion integration

Integrations (ongoing work, on request)

  • Unity3D versions 4.5 and higher
  • Unreal Engine 4.6.1 and higher

You can request non-mobile SDKs and/or implementations by sending us a request at

Do you support Google Cardboard and similar mobile HMD solutions?
Yes. Side-by-side view is integrated as a display mode in Panframe for iOS and Android and can be used in conjunction with Google Cardboard and other mobile HMD holders.
Do you support Oculus VR and/or HTC Vive?
Yes. We have developed an in-house high-speed solutions for enabling quality VR through Oculus APIs and Steam VR.
Do you also have an HTML5 based player for desktop and mobile?
A HTML5 based player is available on request and currently targets modern browsers.
How do I get started with a mobile SDK?
You can download an SDK for iOS or Android for free and check out the example applications to kickstart your development. Go to the get It! page to get started.
If you have questions, please let us know. We’re there to help you.
Can I get a FREE iOS/Android license for a non-commercial purposes?
Absolutely! Please send a brief description with your request and intended non-commercial or educational purpose to
How much is a commercial license?
Commercial license fees are based on the type of usage. Ranging from FREE to a few thousand dollars depending on the intended application and solution.
Please contact us and send a brief description with your request and intended purpose to
I have a project where I want to use this technology. Can you help me with that?
Yes. Mindlight, the developer of this framework can help you realize your project.
Just call them at +31 50 8003273 or send en email to and include a brief description of your concept. Mindlight will contact you shortly to go over the details.
Why is the Mindlight logo shown in the 360° player?
The FREE version is for evaluation purposes. This is an unconstrained watermarked version to test the technology or the integration into your application.
Who is using the Panframe SDK?
Our frameworks are used by a lot of companies all over the world. A selection of published apps can be found on the Panframe Apps page.
Some meaningful producers of 360 degree content and various App developers around the world use the SDK for applications that are currently in development or published.
We protect the privacy of our clients and supporters.
Could you provide some more reference samples of 360° content?
Yes. The example included with the SDKs is an example suitable for most phones of the last 3 years.
Higher and lower resolution samples and framerate variations can be acquired by sending an email to
We can also guide you in your content delivery strategy when you license the technology.
How do I enable the playback of UHD/4K in the Panframe SDK?
High resolution video support is currently available in the SDKs, but only available to modern devices. An alternative approach for backward compatibility and future development is offered in conjunction with our encoding and distribution technology on a case-by-case basis and requires a different agreement.
Send an email to with your usage proposal.
I have a feature which I would like/need to be supported!
Tell us about it. We are eager to learn how we can improve it for you and help you with your business.
Why can I not see the video when using the iOS simulator?
Currently the Panframe framework is optimized and takes advantage of specific features not present in the iOS simulator.
The simulator will properly simulate the app without showing the actual video.
Future versions of the Framework will offer a simulated visual path.
A 360° video does not perform well on my device!
Performance of 360° video playback is based upon the hardware you use. Ideally you would distribute several versions of your content suitable for a variety of hardware scenarios.
My video seems to be unsupported. What could be the problem?
Please look at the current specifications for supported video and audio formats.
You can find a specification of the SDKs on the get It! page.
Does the current iOS version support Automatic Reference Counting?
Yes. As of the 1.9.4 version the library and examples are build with ARC-support.
I get low memory warnings when playing video. What can I do?
Playing back video uses a certain amount of memory and is linked to the resolution of a video.
When memory has been allocated to other parts of your app, the app might encounter this scenario.
To resolve this, you can either look at the way you manage memory and resources in your application, or use lower resolution video files.
The downloaded SDKs are contained in a DMG file. How do I read that?
The SDKs currently target developers using an OSX platform for development. You need an OSX machine or other DMG extraction tool to use the contained SDK.
The Android distribution is offered in zip-format.
How do I get more information about the HTML5, Flash, Oculus/Vive and Workstation implementations?
HTML5, Flash, Oculus/Vive and Workstation/Desktop versions of our playback technology are licensed on a case-by-case basis.
Please contact us and send a brief description with your request and intended use to