Panframe SDKs, from Mindlight, are tools for high resolution image and video playback.

360° video, VR and LIVE streaming*

Fast 360° video playback pipelines available for Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, OSX and Windows systems.
Our mobile solutions have support for side-by-side (SBS) for mono and stereo content.
Live streaming through HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), and RTMP for is available on request.

Motion navigation in 2d and 3d

Panning of video and navigation of content based on touch, gyroscope, Oculus Rift and Microsoft KINECT®.

Easy integration

Available as a component for iOS and Android. Complete with documentation, content and and example to get you started. Other platforms (Flash, HTML5, OSX, Windows) are available on request.

Support for integration and video production

If you need help integrating the libraries in your application or advice and help in exporting the proper formats without sacrificing quality, we can help you. Our goal is that you deliver a good product.

Custom solutions on request

High end solutions tend to bring out high end demands. If you feel you need something special. The expertise is here.

Richer content with hotspots*

Add hotspots to panoramic content which can trigger other content like photos,videos and other information.

UHD (4K video) on mobile*

Panframe’s custom tools enable the playback of up to UHD/4K video larger recent mobile devices.
Perfectly suitable for demanding higher definition 360° panoramic content.

Request a quote to have this functionality supported through our content platform.

Up to 8K realtime video*

Enabling the preproduction and streaming of high resolution video content suitable for large scale events and exhibitions. Video resolutions up to 8K can be used in productions.

Industry standards H.264 and HEVC

Support of standards based H.264 video up to level 5.1 on high profile and the High Efficiency Video Coding standard on hardware accelerated targets.

Integrated platform statistics

Tracking the use of your application and video playback on our online content platform.

Panframe SDK 1.9

Download a FREE version supporting 360° video for iOS and Android.

Download Specifications

* Additional features, tools and video processing pipelines on request.